about the songs...

1. feel for you - reminding the first song of the band, called "Feel me" developed from a early session

2. blues is blue - tired and sad after a bad concert, not shure which is the way into future 3. well done, boys - anytime it was working well playing together, without drugs or drinking too much, no reason for it. after the concert, satiesfied from the listeners, there was a little bit ironical "well done, boys" in our mind, not possible to translate: soo, hätten wir das auch wieder... 4. go on - nearly every time practising, we had the idea of a new song, sometimes a completely new style, trying out how playing together in a new way, jamming a lot... 5. not really - we were n't  famous, not the stars of our music, not really. but also we were n't unhappy. it was not really bad to live this way... 6. late meddle - coming from a gig everywhere late, it was usually sure going to the freaky hippie-disco "meddle"  relaxing till sun rise.... 7. the red van - on the road with our old red van was like a family-trip. many jokes much laughing

8. let the sun shine - riding in a car at summer with open windows, a very sunny day, go for swimming together before playing the very first  concert  9. earth, wind, desire - shure we were the greatest fans of the whole world, desiring the music of earth, wind & fire. there were much influences in our pieces... this is a "hommage" basing on the their song "shining star"  10. it's finally over - do you know the beatles' song "let it be?" - a good time in the past is no reason to be sad or crying now for days like those.                                                        

I would like to thank the musicans of the band "sun": bert, tom, andy, klaus and martin for their support and membership in a very important period of my life. This record is dedicated to the ‚spirit‘ of "sun".

                                                                                                                                                                michael borner

funk blues rock guitar